Andermatt Golf Course
Certified for sustainability


At the Andermatt Golf Course, sport is in harmony with nature: We designed the 18-hole, par-72 championship course with ecological aspects in mind and operate it in an environmentally friendly manner. We created a lot of space for golfing, but also for flora and fauna.

Certified. GEO-certified

The Andermatt Golf Course has been certified with the globally recognised GEO label. That means we meet or exceed all criteria of the World Golf Environmental Organization in the areas of nature conservation, resources management and social integration.

A lot of space.For golfing and nature

We gave nature a lot of space at the Andermatt Golf Course. The cantonal conservation area Bäz covers more than half of the course. Numerous birds and insect species bustle about in the dense vegetation along the banks of the natural and artificially designed water elements.

We divert and filter water on the course before letting it flow back into the streams and rivers. Wherever possible, we forego pesticides and fertilisers. We prohibit their use near the water elements.

Environmentally conscious. Diverse

Independent monitoring actions have confirmed that our golf course provides ecological added value. Many types of dragonflies have made their way to us and remained here. Endangered bird species, particularly ground breeders, have found a new home in the extensively used meadows around the golf course.

Electric.For nearly everything

At the Andermatt Golf Course, the golf carts and trolleys have electric drives. Our mowers for greens, tees and fringes are outfitted with hybrid engines. Small groundskeeping equipment is powered using alkylate-based petrol. This exhaust contains significantly fewer substances harmflu to health and the environment in comparison to traditional petrol.

Preserving resources.In the clubhouse

We built our golf clubhouse, “The Swiss House”, in accordance with Minergie, the Swiss low-energy standard. The building is superbly insulated. All electricity for operations from hydroelectric stations and wind turbines comes from the Gotthard region. A geothermal heat pump heats the clubhouse.

Swisstainable.Engaged in the long term

Our Andermatt Golf Course is participating in the Swisstainable programme by Switzerland Tourism. Thereby we are committing ourselves to sustainable corporate governance and continual enhancement in terms of sustainability. All of our Group’s companies achieved Level II (engaged), and the Andermatt Golf Course even Level III (leading).