International Day of Education: We’re at the forefront

January 23, 2023

January 24 is the International Day of Education. UNESCO dedicates this day to raising awareness for the shared educational goals of the world community. The Andermatt Swiss Alps Group and Andermatt-Sedrun Sport AG also place great importance on training. Four employees talk about their experiences.

The companies of the Andermatt Swiss Alps Group and Andermatt-Sedrun Sport AG place great importance on fostering opportunities for young people, promoting life-long learning and supporting their employees. In 2021 training positions made up nearly four per cent of all jobs, with the aim of reaching five per cent by 2030. The companies have partnerships with a variety of colleges and universities and also offer internship positions in connection with this. On the occasion of the International Day of Education, we spoke with four of our employees about their training.

Nico Arnold, Apprentice ICT Specialist at Andermatt Swiss Alps AG

  • I decided to complete an apprenticeship to become an ICT specialist because I’m very interested in information technology. I like working on a team and with people. I also think what’s being created in Andermatt is very exciting. I’m now in the second year of my apprenticeship.

  • I decided on it because I find the project in Andermatt to be very interesting. This proved to be the very case for me during the trial apprenticeship, and I felt very comfortable in the environment. The uniqueness of collaborating with several business areas (SkiArena, Radisson Blu Hotel Reussen, The Chedi) was also something that I found to be extremely interesting.

  • I like it very much. Prior to the apprenticeship, I even had the opportunity to complete a trial apprenticeship as well as an internship in order to prepare myself ideally for the apprenticeship. My team supports me when I need help, whether at work or if I have problems at school. The work is very diverse, which means I never get bored! The training is extremely exciting, since I get to see how things work in all kinds of departments and business areas. There’s always something new – your training is never over. I find that exciting.

  • It's impossible for me to choose just one single highlight, because there are a number of them. One was certainly National Future Day, when we had the chance to show children what the IT world is like. And when I have the opportunity to do something with someone that I've never done before, that’s always a highlight for me!

Nico Arnold is in the second year of his apprenticeship to become an ICT specialist

Angelika Wallimann, Chef de Service at Restaurant Matti of Andermatt-Sedrun Sport AG, hospitality examination

  • I decided on this training because I think it's a great experience, since as a trained painter, I moved laterally to catering. Because I hadn't completed any training in this area so far, the hospitality course was a big challenge for me.

  • It really impressed me how many things I was able to learn. I was surprised that wage accounting was my favourite topic. I would have never expected that it could be so interesting for me. If I were to get put off by serving, I could specialise in this topic.

  • It was a demanding time, but I learned a lot and had new experiences. Looking back, I can say that I’m proud that I did it, because it enabled me to develop myself further personally and professionally. It was worthwhile in every respect.

In addition to working, Angelika Wallimann has taken the hospitality examination.

Laura Dittli, Communication Trainee at Andermatt Swiss Alps AG

  • After completing my studies at HSLU with a major in communications, I was looking for a position in this field. The internship at Andermatt Swiss Alps AG enables me to see what the diverse tasks in corporate communications look like. In addition, Andermatt Swiss Alps AG interests me as an employer. As a native of Uri, I have been following developments in Andermatt in recent years. Being part of the project now is very exciting.

  • I would like to become acquainted with the various tasks in corporate communications and be able to put into practice the theory I was taught in my studies.

  • The internship is providing me with (work) experience in corporate communications. This experience, along with seeing how things work, is extremely valuable for my professional future. I’m learning what it means to communicate for a company – whether internally or externally. I can find out for myself what I would like to specialise in.

  • It's difficult to choose one highlight. The tasks are very multifaceted, and Andermatt is a unique place to work. I really appreciate being able to participate in many different projects. Planning and carrying out National Future Day from start to finish was tremendous fun. Also, publishing the employee newspaper and the guest magazine Der Andermatter was very interesting. Another highlight for me was the recent photography workshop on Gütsch.

After completing her studies, Laura Dittli is working as a communication trainee.

Averie Wächter, Apprentice Hotel Housekeeping Specialist at The Chedi Andermatt

  • After my family moved to Andermatt, I started looking for apprenticeships in town. I've always found hotel operations to be an exciting business. After I finish my training, I’d like to travel, and I think I can find a job as hotel housekeeper anywhere in the world. That way, I can combine travelling with working.

  • We’re in good contact, but honestly, we don't see each other very often while at work. For instance, if you’re working in housekeeping, you spend your time on the upper floors of the various buildings, whereas in service, you’re busy in the restaurants in the main building. But that also shows how varied the training is.

  • Twice a year, we have a five-week block of study lessons. The school is like a boarding school, so that means I don't have to commute back and forth.

  • I enjoy working in service. Although it can be stressful, you have lots of contact with guests and meet a wide variety of people. That's really exciting.

Averie Wächter is in the second year of her apprenticeship to become a hotel housekeeping specialist at The Chedi Andermatt

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