Future Day 2021: Career diversity at the Andermatt Swiss Alps Group

November 11, 2021

National Future Day took place throughout Switzerland on November 11. Also at the Andermatt Swiss Alps Group, pupils in the 5th to 7th grades had the opportunity to get acquainted with a variety of career fields. With the Innovation Team, they collected ideas for the future of tourism in Andermatt, then with the Infrastructure Team, they tried out the equipment fleet and, at The Chedi Andermatt, got a sense of hotel operations.

Last Thursday, a group of seven curious kids from the families of employees and their circle of friends and relatives gathered at the Andermatt railway station. As part of National Future Day, they were able to discover career fields that are somewhat unfamiliar. Because the companies of the Andermatt Swiss Alps Group are so varied, the children experienced an instructive day with lots to see and do.

Creative workshop

Under the guidance of the Innovation Team, the girls and boys tried out various creativity techniques in order to plan possible tourism attractions for the future in Andermatt. After a brainstorming session, the kids then envisioned what that future might look like, tinkering with rigid foam, sponges, Legos, foam rubber and the like. They came up with a number of promising ideas. Who knows – they might be destined to become a reality soon!


With the Infrastructure Team, the kids learned how difficult it is to run a resort. In the winter, the team starts work at 4 a.m. so that the streets and pavements are cleared for guests and residents. In addition, the children got to take several vehicles for a test drive. For instance, they took a spin around Andermatt Reuss in the utility task vehicle (UTV) with electric motor. They also got to try out the tractor used to clear snow, even though there wasn’t very much snow in the car park at the time.

Look behind the scenes

The end of the day featured a tour of The Chedi Andermatt hotel, where the kids learned just how many people work in the wide range of jobs at a luxury hotel so that guests can have a perfect stay. The visit to the Furka suite and the delicious snack from the kitchen were a highlight for all of them.

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