Liv­ing in An­der­matt

Fulfil your dream of a holiday apartment in Andermatt, the mountain village in the heart of Switzerland that is steeped in tradition. Set against an impressive mountain backdrop, you’ll find peace, relaxation, and enjoyment.

Property portfolio

Discover in Andermatt Reuss the residential property that exactly suits your needs – from fashionably furnished studios to exclusive penthouses and chalets. Surrounded by breathtaking mountains and modern infrastructure.

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  • 42apartment buildings with about 500 apartments
  • 6hotels in the 4- and 5-star category
  • 28chalet style villas

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In February 2005 Samih Sawiris was invited to Andermatt by the government of Canton Uri to develop a tourism development concept for the region.

The first time I came to Andermatt, I made a discovery: the genuine natural beauty of a Swiss mountain village in the middle of the Alps. And I was thrilled – not just by the Andermatt village but by the entire valley.

Samih SawirisChairman of the Board, Andermatt Swiss Alps AG

Add-on options

There are several add-on options that you can purchase. The furniture package allows you to move in carefree. With your own parking space, you can park directly at your apartment building. The Customer Services team can offer you many other services.

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Try-out offer

Experience Andermatt and its surroundings up close before deciding to buy your own apartment. The Ursern Valley has its own distinct charm, in summer as well as winter. We would be happy to take the time to show you the various possibilities.

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Customer Services

Here, you’re part of a community. The Customer Services team will make every effort to ensure that you feel comfortable in your home. The team will be happy to help you with your concerns and take care of your home if you happen to be away from Andermatt.

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Follow the construction activities live and see how the face of Andermatt Reuss is changing.

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